Monday, October 31, 2005

The Humanity!

I started a new consulting gig today. I'm helping with "special projects" which translates to mean that I am cleaning up a bunch of big messes that people not as smart as me created but have no idea how to correct.

Well of course that means I needed a new outfit. Ok, it was just a new sweater to wear with my favorite skirt but it feels like a new outfit. The day went fine, not great, not exciting, just fine. I may end up counting the minutes until the gig is over but I'm tryig to keep an open mind.

I got home and here I am checking my email and I gave myself the I'm cold and I'll give myself a mini-hug to warm up hug. Egads, what is that I feel. The sticker. You know the sticker that announces to all around you what size you are wearing. In this case "L" not because I'm really large but certain aspects of my top are so no "M" for the girls. I had the sticker on all day. I even checked with big daddy and Carter before I left to make sure nothing like the sticker got through this morning. Of course they declared me beautiful, but not once did they point out the sticker. So now I hope that no one else noticed it either. I'm going to go crawl in a hole now. Or find my bottle of Captain Morgan, but that should probably wait until after I run car pool.


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