Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Once Upon A Time

... I could sleep past 5 AM.

... I never drank coffee. Now it's my lifeblood.

... I saw a movie every weekend. Often two.

... I took long, leisurely showers.

... I only needed to do two loads of laundry a week.

... I never had to worry about pee on the seat.

... I didn't have to look for books that had short chapters to match my attention span.

... I didn't believe that chicken nuggets were a food group.

... I had nice very breakable knick-knacks lower than chin height.

... I didn't have a to-do list three pages long.

... I could take afternoon naps.

... I could spend a day watching chick flicks.

... I had girlfiends who could actually go out when you called at the last minute.

... I didn't have to worry if a restaurant was kid-friendly.

... I rarely had to search out the source of the weird smell.

... I never had to type a list with a toddler sitting on my lap drinking a sippy cup of chocolate milk.

... I never even thought about watching movies like "Son of the Mask". In fact I probably still shouldn't have bothered watching it now.

... I never cooked meatballs with a five year old boy who loves cooking.

That's my random thoughts of the day.


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