Thursday, September 15, 2005

Let the Daycare Battle Begin

Yesterday I heard the words I had been dreading from Brady's daycare, "Brady visited the pre-school room today." The gauntlet has been thrown down and it's time for mom to do battle.

I know you're thinking what's the big deal, he visited the pre-school room so what??? Well he's not ready, he's no where near ready to move up. Brady is well how to describe him, hmmmm....absolutely huge. Not a little big for his age, more like this kid is going to be in the NBA big (if only he didn't run a wee bit funny, but that's a different post). On the second week of kindergarten, Brady went with Dad one day to drop of Carter at school and one of his classmates thought that Brady was a new student. Carter has always been "off the charts", but Brady brings a new definition to that term.

So anyway as I said Carter has always been a little tall for his age too so I've been here before at a different school. A different school...hmmm why did he change daycares you ask... because his old school took my perfectly happy 27 month toddler and forced him to move up to the pre-school room (which you have to be 31 months to attend) early because he was big and it made my life absolutely miserable for about six months! Now a child being big does not mean that they can do everything ahead of schedule, they are just taller than the norm.

When they moved Carter early, my little angel was almost 100% potty trained, had come out of the biting stage, and was a well-rested, even-tempered little guy. Two weeks in the pre-school room turned him into a diaper wearing, sleep deprived, terror who I didn't recognize. The teachers were too busy taking care of the three and four years olds to notice the signs of when he needed the potty and basically ignored the fact that he wasn't verbally at a level to tell them what he needed yet. After a couple of months of going with it and hoping he would catch up (and after finding him watching the rest of the class play bingo and being two he didn't quite know his alphabet or numbers yet - cause well HE WAS TWO!!!) I pulled him. That day. He never went back. We took a couple of weeks to calm him down and then found a new center - even in the same chain but in a different suburb and it was perfect for him.

Now I find out they are doing the same thing to Brady trying to push him to be older than he is just because of his size. This is emphasized by the fact that there is a little girl in his class that is one day older than him and easily half his size. When I asked if she was visiting the pre-school room yet, the answer was that she wasn't old enough yet. When I pointed out that they were exactly the same age, the director had no words to justify what she had just said. I have asked the center to slow down and not rush him and we'll see if they do what I asked. I hope that I don't have to find a new place for him since he had such a hard time adapting to this one and he is finally happy there.


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