Thursday, September 01, 2005

The First Day of School

There are so many mixed emotions involved with the first day of school - especially when they are going for the first time. There is the excitement and fear of the unknown. The the build up of the prepartion culminating with the ultimate First Day of School.

We eagerly downloaded the school supply list in early August (everything is online these days). Once we got past the initial surprise that we needed to provided basic classroom supplies like soap and kleenex (thank you school budget cuts), we started the search for the ultimate Spiderman backpack.

We anxiously went school clothes shopping and realized that Carter had grown a full size over the summer and needed a complete new wardrobe. (And as a mixed blessing his "little" brother of 2 years, 3 months can now wear his 4 year old clothes).
We bought the supplies and all the clothes.

We talked about the new friends he would make.

When the day actually arrived, we were really excited. He finally got to wear the extra special bull shirt that had brought him to tears when I bought it. We loaded up his Spiderman backpack with the endless list of school supplies. We took his picture all ready for school like a big boy.

We walked him to class holding hands and said a quick goodbye. He was scared but so brave and ready to start his new adventure.

Brady was not nearly as ready to let him go and did not like leaving his big brother in the new school one bit. He was the last to hug Carter goodbye and he didn't want to let go. We finally had to carry him out of the school with tears in his eyes. He cried for all of us.

I worried about Carter all day and even timed our daily walk to the park so I could sneak a peak of him at recess. He played with the kids like an old pro and I was proud.

When the time came to pick him up, I was the first Mom there. Brady and I waited in the car for 15 minutes before we could go in. We had to wait in the gym with the rest of the eager parents picking up their kids with Brady running around with pure glee.

We the school bell finally rang I was anxiously waiting to have him run into my arms and tell me about his big day. All my fears melted away the second I saw the pure joy on his face! "Mommy, I lost my second tooth!!" As he dug the little tooth out of his new pants. He was so grown up and full of love and joy I couldn't help but be so happy for him.


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