Thursday, June 09, 2005

Brady had a Super Day!

Ok, these are the words that I've been dying to hear for the last six weeks. Let me explain....

Brady loves me. Only me. He does not like anyone else. He tolerates Daddy and Carter, but only to a point as long as they don't get in the way of his absolute love for me. Now love is nice, but mommy needs a break. I've had Brady home with me most of the time since he was born, he's been in part-time daycare a couple of time for short consulting gigs but they were long enough ago that he doesn't remember them. Carter has always gone to part-time daycare a couple days a week even between gigs since he loves playing with other kids and it was really good for him.

When I started this gig at the end of April, we decided that the boys would need to go to daycare four full-time days through the summer. Brady does not like this scenario. We knew drop offs would be difficult, we even had a rough period of crying when Carter was about the same age so we prepared for the separation anxiety. We just didn't expect it to be bad enough that I would get the center calling with updates every couple of hours. This is a summary of Brady's days since he started school...

- Dropped off at about 9 AM - unconsolible crying for at least half an hour

- About 9:30 he takes up his position at the window and repeats a mantra of "Mama, mama, mama"

- About 10:30 goes outside to play

- About 10:31 takes up his position next to the fence repeating the matra "mama, mama, mama..."

- About 11:30 potty time... this is the only 5 minutes that he is happy in the morning since he loves sitting on the potty

- 12:00 - lunchtime, Brady refuses to eat

- 12:30 - 2:30 naptime, so exhausted from the morning of crying crashes in major nap

- 2:30 - snacktime, Brady refuses to eat

- 3:00 - playtime, again takes up his position at the window

- 3:30 - 4:30 outside paytime, again takes up his position at the fence

- Pickup between 4:00 - 4:30 breaks into huge smile and runs for the door as soon as he sees me drive into the parking lot

So imagine my surprise when I drove up yesterday and there was no Brady sitting next to the fence. I ran through the scenarios in my head... he might be in the corner crying, did he get hurt, maybe he's still napping.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what came next. "Brady had a super day and played with the other kids". I couldn't believe my ears, she repeated how happy he was and said he barely cried at all. I could see the relief on his poor teachers face who has tried to anything she could think of to make my little angel enjoy himself at school. I was so happy to know that he actually enjoyed himself. I know that being in school and playing with other kids is the best thing for him right now, but it sure makes it easier to do when I know he isn't in total misery. Cross your fingers that today is another great day for him


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