Monday, August 08, 2005

The Boy and The Bull Shirt

Ok... I'm not adjusting very well to the idea of my "baby" going to Kindergarten. I know we'll both love it when the time comes, but where did the last five years go? I've been drowning my sorrows in my one true indulgence - shopping!!! And lots of it. (The boy has been growing like a weed and needs a complete new wardrobe.)

After a massive shopping trip to my favorite store for boy's clothes - Old Navy, I came home with a shopping bag full to the top of new clothes. Now Carter loves new clothes, he really does and he promptly but on a full scale fashion show for the family with each new outfit bringing a bigger smile.

We got to the bottom of the bag and reached my last minute purchases - you know the third t-shirt that you tossed in to get the discount price. Anyway all of the sudden Carter's little eyes welled up and he started to cry. The final shirt was a yellow t-shirt with a picture of a bull. (The kid has loved bulls since we went to Montana to visit my parents last summer and he saw some in a rodeo.) I asked him what was wrong and tells me "Mommy you remembered. This one is my favorite. You're so cool!!"

So at least for today, I'm cool in the boy's eyes. I'll take it!!


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