Saturday, August 13, 2005

Binky Update

The battle of the binky continues...

Brady has actually done fairly well with the "no public binky" rule. He has even given his binky special spots in the house and the car where he stashes binky when we need to go out. We go out have a fine time, but the second we step back into binky territory it goes immediately in his mouth. It is time to end the binky habit!

I am giving Brady two more binky glorious weeks and then the time will come to dispose of all binkys. This of course coordinates with Carter starting kindergarten so I have a distraction from the realization that my baby is growing up too fast.
If the removal of the baby bottles serve as an indicator, this will include some type of midnight run to target, babies r us, or some other retailer to buy an emergency binky after he has a meltdown on a day when I'm not up to the battle, but that is what husbands are for. Daddy will ultimately save the day, I'll be mean mommy, and he'll come to give up binky when he's ready. (Hey he's potty trained at two so I've already won one battle!!)


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