Thursday, August 18, 2005

Multi-tasking Mommy

I have taken multi-tasking to the highest level. I run my own business, take care of two boys, and have taken on a full-time consulting engagement through the summer. I even try to squeeze out 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I start my consulting job by 6 AM, am home sewing at 2 PM, pick up the boys at 4:30 PM, cook dinner and settle the boys in for an hour or so, and then sew up until the boys go to bed and go back to sewing after they are sleeping until 11 or midnight.

In reality, I don't want to work the consulting job, but I have taken it on to get my husband off my back about cashflow. I have truly worked my butt off to get my company off the ground, but it takes a while to get the income back up to my husband's comfort zone. Unfortunately, I have always been an over-achiever and I was very successful in my previous life as a financial manager. It spoiled my husband and he got too used to me being the primary income maker. After I had the boys, I no longer wanted to do the travel that my job entailed so I decided to consult. Consulting has been very good for me... I pick the jobs I want, I have a flexible schedule, I can see my kids grow up.

When I was put on bedrest with Brady, I saw that life could be more than just working hard and I could actually do something I enjoyed full-time. My husband just cannot understand enjoying what you do for a living as a concept. He comes from a line of working grunts who hate what they do and complain about their jobs non-stop. I am trying to ease him into the idea that running your own business can actually be better than just making a lot of money... it could be fun and something we can grow as a family. Someday I believe he will come around... until then I consult by day and sew by night. Who needs sleep anyway?

Thankfully this gig is almost up since I've been covering for a new mom as she enjoys her maternity leave and she's due back in two weeks and then I can focus all my energies back into the parts of my life I enjoy a lot more than dragging my butt into an office at 5 AM!


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