Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mommy Aren't Allowed Sick Days

There is one rule of mommyhood that is universal, moms are not allowed to get sick.

Oh we get sick all right right, but it's not the same sick as our kids or our husbands. Their kind of sick includes someone tucking them in, letting them nap, bringing them whatever their heart desires during their illness. Nope, not for mommy. When mommy is sick, their husband tells them to lay down and get some rest right before they give you a list of 30 things that need to be done today.

When mommy is sick, I can guarantee you this is the day that the mailman knocks LOUDLY on the door with a package, at least 10 people come by to sell you something, and the phone that never rings will ring off the hook (at least half of these calls will be your husband just checking up on how you feel and of course have you finished the list he gave you this morning yet??)

When mommy is sick, the dryer breaks down for some mysterious reason and the dog throws up on the carpet (sympathy sickness for mommy). They boys attempt to take care of mommy as best they can. They hug, they kiss, they tuck me in and then they get into a knock down, drag out fight on top of me over who gets to tuck the blanket it. Of course this ends up in a tug of war that leaves mommy with no blanket at all shivering in the big blanket-less bed.

Well today mommy is sick and my head is going to explode any minute and I'm going to try to get a few minutes of sleep before all heck breaks lose again.


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