Monday, October 17, 2005

Space Heaters with Remote Controllers!!

Did you know that they made space heaters with remote controls? How cool is that!!! I no longer need to get out of my cocoon of 15 blankets and flannel pjs to turn the damn thing on so that my feet can thaw out.

I was sent to Home Depot with a list of really, truly boring things to buy such as a new air conditioner cover, caulk, and a new air filter when I sought out my promised land. The aisle of space heaters. The shear volume of the collection was astounding. There must have been hundreds of styles. I hit the mothership on one that was a kid friendly tower with a remote control. Yep, I immediately grabbed not one but two of those wonderful inventions. One for my bedroom and one for my studio. With just a flick of my wrist I can return to a land of warmth. (During the day "we" as in my evil dictator husband turns down the heat in the rest of the house so I huddle in my room with just the space heater for warmth. I am sure this wonder of technology was developed with macho men in mind for use in manly shops, etc. but I don't plan on releasing that remote control from my cold little hands for a least the next four months.


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