Monday, October 10, 2005

I need my mommy!

Carter had surgery today. Nothing major just oral surgery to take out a tooth that has been causing him trouble, but this is the third time in 5 short years that he has had to have surgery. It never gets easier, it breaks your heart every time.

It all began with ear infections. Lots and lots of ear infections. They don't tell you at the time that ear infections can damage their fragile little teeth. It's an evil trade-off, you either have a sick child with high fevers that can cause damage to their developing teeth or you can have them take antibiotics which can also cause damage to the deverloping teeth. We went through phases of both for almost a year before the doctors finally recommended ear tubes. After the ear tubes, the ear infections were gone. We all wished we had done it sooner.

Three years later the trouble began with a little cavity and then they started looking at his teeth and decided that the enamel never formed correctly. Yep, ear infections strike back. His teeth are very prone to decay so we have had them sealed, but now that his permanent teeth are coming in they are coming in with some imperfections - like one tooth is only about half way formed! Oh yeah, and he has some "extra" teeth that need to be taken out. (Both my sisters also had these extras and have perfect teeth today.)

So a few weeks ago it was decided that one of his teeth needed to come out and that the only way he could handle it was surgery. I can handle just about everything, everything except watching your child go limp as they put him under for surgery. I didn't want to go there again, but it was the best thing for him in the long run. So I sought out the best pediatric oral surgeon I could find. Carter met him, and they were instant buddies. We got all psyched up with special Carter movies, a soft food stock-up, and plans of a special day curled up watching movies after the surgery. Everyone was fine.

Until that moment. If your child hasn't had any kind of surgery yet, it is hard to explain but if you ever ask a mom who has been there they know the moment. It isn't when your child is scared and calling for you although that breaks your heart and I guarantee you instantly morph into Supermommy ready to do anything to make it all better including holding their little face with tears streaming down it and tell them its going to be ok and your not going anywhere. The moment is the second the sedative hits them and they start to go limp. The moment when you don't see their little spirit in their eyes and their eyes start to roll up. Your heart breaks. You can't protect them. They are in the hands of someone else. Competent, caring, wonderful someone elses. But not you. You can do nothing but wait until they tell you that you can go back and hold your baby. No matter how many times we may go through this I will cry.

It's a few hours later and my little boy is wrapped up in his spiderman blanket watching Sharkboy and Lava Girl. It's time to cuddle, giggle, and laugh with my little boy and enjoy every single minute of it.


Blogger JuJubee said...

I had that moment when LittleJuJu got his ear is the most awful, helpless feeling ever. Also? I had not heard about the association between ear infections and teeth issues. He had a dental check-up last month and things looked good, so I hope we managed to miss that problem. Glad he is doing fine!

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