Friday, September 30, 2005

The Car Must Go...

Ah, college. Those were the days, I was young, idealistic, and had no real obligations except the three jobs I had to pay for the classes I took, the food I ate, and the roof over my head. Back then all I wanted was a car. I spent three years taking the bus and walking everywhere. For the most part it was fine, except that I worked a night job until 10 PM and had to take the bus out of downtown at night. I only got bothered once at the bus-stop. Plus in Minnesota it gets cold, real cold. Waiting for the bus at -30 degrees is not much fun. So I got a car.

A beautiful car. A 1993 Pontiac Grand AM. 30K miles. Burgandy. My own car to take me wherever I wanted. She was a good car, a damn fine car. Until my husband decided he had to take her pheasant hunting. Since I don't like the whole hunting thing, I knew it was a matter of time until God stepped in and stopped him. Well after about 8 good years together, the Grand Am's engine block cracked. This is not good. It costs $1,000 at least to fix and when a car has 170k miles on it you definitely don't want to spend that kind of money on it.

We decided to drive it until it could drive no more and we used the Grand AM as a backup car. Only for short trips otherwise it would overheat and always kept some radiator fluid in the trunk. We had the new, good car that I used most of the time and my husband has a work car that he drive. This worked fine for another year or so until the "new" car needed to be repaired and Carter and I were in the Grand AM and it stalled on me. The Grand AM was parked with plans to sell it and get a new car. Then I went on bedrest for Brady and well you don't need a car when you are trapped in bed for days, weeks, months. Well we finally bought the new car, but well let's just say it would have cost more money to have the car towed to the dealership than we would have gotten on trade in. So she sat in the driveway and sat and sat and sat and sat.

Now Winter is coming and my husband has informed me that it is time for the car to go. It would be nice to have the driveway back and I'm sure the neighbors don't really like the car that never moves sitting in the driveway. I have dreams of her finding a new home, but I expect she'll probably go to the junkyard to give up her parts to newer, younger cars.


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