Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today kinda sucks

I have kidney disease. I found out about it in September after a couple of months of just not feeling right. The doctor says it is just the beginning stages and we can treat it with medication and some restrictions on my behavior. Sometime I'll really write about it, but not today.

Today I got smacked in the face with a side effect of having kidney disease and some weird genes. My mom have me weak retinas in my eyes. I know this because she just had surgery on hers. She had to have a bubble put into her eye and then spent three weeks with her head horizontal to the ground at all times. I'm still not sure how you accomplish going to the batheroom in this position, but there are some questions you just don't ask my mom. On the other side of the family, there is glaucoma which is when the pressure builds up in your eyes. I've had issues with rising and falling pressures for a couple years and have been closely watched by my eye doctor.

Well, through in kidney disease where your blood pressure can spike up and toxens build up in your system and it's a trifecta for eye problems. Apparently, the pressure must have built up when I was really out of it this summer before I knew about the kidney issue and it caused the my retina to detach when the pressure came back down. Now I need to have surgery on my eye. Totally freaked out at this thought. I have killer green eyes - my best feature. They are the kind of green that other people get colored contacts to have. I love my eyes. (I am a organ donor and I have the one exclusion about my eyes although I doubt that anyone would want them now anyway.)

Apparently if I have the surgery now, they can most likely fix the problem with a laser and eliminate the whole bubble head aimed at the floor for three weeks option. Can you imagine trying to keep your head aimed down 24 hours a day with a 2 year old????

Well, pain in the ass that I am, I need a second opinion although technically todays meeting with the surgeon qualifies as a second opinion so I guess I need a third opinion before anyone is touching my eye. Lord knows what other surprises this kidney thing has in for me in the years to come.


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